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  30th January: The shark

Le requin

Today at playa heradura we were swimming and then we saw a boat dragging something big with a dorsal fin and so we asked someone on the beach who was waiting to see what the boat was dragging, he told us that seeing the way that the boat was coming back, he was sure that it was a shark.When the fishermen dragged the shark on a rock I managed to recognize a whale shark that was 4 meters long. I could see that the shark was breathing a bit but the fishermen had done whatever they could to kill the shark because I could see that there were several dagger markings on the head of the shark. All of this I could see because the fishermen had put the shark on the sand so that people could take pictures of it.


le foie du requinAfter that it was just a slaughter. The fishermen cut up the pieces and put them in bags. Most will go to china but the head,bones and intestines were put back into the sea. The whole sharks value is 100$ which is not much for a 500 kg innocent to man shark.







la future enseigne du resto  The last time that an event similar to this one happened was one year ago so we were really lucky and unlucky to see that because it was a beautiful creature that we have never seen this close but it was also a cruel act of mankind. And it was not the fishermen’s fault because if they don’t do it they can’t make a living and someone else will do it anyways. The people who eat this kind of meat are responsible for the death of this animal and it is the whole of humanity who will pay the price when its species is extinct.

23rd January

Today, we woke up at the usual 6.15 and studied until 8.30 because the breakfast arrived. After the meal, a bicycle renter came to the guest house and we followed him till his house where we each got a bike. We rode the bikes upto a small beach near playa ancon. The beach was really nice and the people were nice too. The food was pretty cheap but we got a shock when we asked the price of a coconut which was 2 dollars! Seeing our faces the owner said that if we could get the coconut ourselves then he would open it for free. So Patrick and I found a long bamboo and plucked the coconuts. After seeing our fourth successful coconut, the owner asked us to stop because we were putting his business in peril. So we ordered hamburgers (that were real cheap) and just went to swim in the sea. After our little « escapade » we decided to pack up and go home. We did 8 kilometers back with ups and downs and a few stops. Just before arriving we stopped at a small churros stand and had a cone each. At the guest house we washed up, changed and set off to a small restaurant had dinner and then went to sleep.


DSCF1384Today, Saturday 24 of January we got to get up for the first time since we left at 10. But I actually just got up at 8 because I couldn’t sleep and I found stupid to lie in bed without doing anything. So I got up and started working until 10 because the breakfast was served. We ate decently then I got back to work until 1 o’clock because I had a math exam that was way longer then I thought. Anyways, at 3 we went out to look for a taxi so that we could go visit the mountains. After 15 minutes we managed to find a guy who was willing to take us there in his bike/tricycle




Friday, we decided to move away from our guest house because there was a bad smell coming from the fridge and the sink. So early morning we packed our bags and took two bicycle-taxis until our American vintage car taxi. We drove for 15 minutes and after a while we realized that the driver took us to a different diving spot then the one we were planning to go because of a misunderstanding.

The place was called puntaperdizand the owner was a friend of the driver (which explains a few things) although it was the wrong place, the guy was really nice and even had a guest house for us! So I suited up, they strapped an oxygen bottle on my back and we just dove. The seafloor was amazing there were loads of fish and corals and there even was a sunken ship. After the dive, we went to have lunch nearby in an“all you can eat” place. The food was good and it was a good deal since we were real hungry. After a good meal and a little swim, our “taxi” arrived. It wasn’t a real taxi it was actually just a storage van. So naturally me and Aishwarya since we are kids were seated in the back with the bags. There were holes in the floor so when the van drove in a puddle; we got splashed by the water. We arrived after 20 minutes, the guest house was really nice and the people were too. We had dinner over there at night and I think that it was without a doubt the best food we had since the beginning of the trip.


Day 6 by Simon

Yesterday, we visited a tobacco farm. It was very interesting because the farmers were good friends with our host/ guide so we got to see things, other people wouldn’t normally see. The farmers have 4 acres of land and on it they mostly have tobacco plant but they also coconut trees, mango, avocado trees and pineapple plants. Most of the cuban farmers don’t have the money to buy tractors so they buy calves, raised them, use them in the fields and for milk, and after about 5 years sell them back to the government for their meat.

The farmers explained to us and showed us how cigars are made:

first they take the tobacco leaves and dry them in wooden houses.

Secondly, after 3 months they give most of their crops to the government (90%).

Thirdly, with the 10% they have left, they take the central vein of the leaf out because it contains 70% of the total nicotine.

4 (making of a cigar): they take 5 or 6 leaves, roll them and stick them together with honey. Then, the farmers take a longer leaf and carefully roll it over the others. Finally, they took a small sheet of newspaper and rolled it over the rest and let it dry for 5 hours and after that it was ready to smoke!

I thought it was interesting to see how much effort there is in one cigar that finishes in smoke and ashes in half an hour.


Day 5 Aishwarya


Today, we took a bus to Vinales and we found a very nice guest house. They are 2 cottages next to each other. It is just next to the main road (yes, because, Vinales is made out of one main road and many connected small roads). In the afternoon, after 2 hours of CNED, we visited Vinales and we ate Churros (« Chichi »).

Various informations on cuba

Cuba is a socialist country located in the carebeen sea .The population of Cuba is approximitivily 11 163 934 inhabitants and its population density is 90 per square kilometer. Although it is a poor country, the alphabetization rate is 99.8% , that is almost as much as France! I think the impressions that you get from a country come from the population that lives in it and the Cubans are very cheerful, musical and open to the people who come to visit. I also think that the Cubans have a very practical way of living. Anyways, it’s only been a few days since our arrival and already I am lovin’ it!

DSCF2662Panneau célébrant le  retour des 5 prisonniers politiques cubains

DSCF2692 Simon on a Skate in the Habana

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